Dr. Francis’ Exceptional Journey: Exploring Advanced Healthcare Services in Turkey

dr francis interview

Dr. FRANCIS ONYEBUCHI OKANU is an Orthopedic Surgeon from Nigeria. He reaches Prusa Medica with the suggestion of a friend and tells in his own words that he had a unique experience in Turan Turan, our partners.

Dr. Francis applied for an arthroscopy and sports medicine fellowship program for six weeks at Turan Turan Hospital. He explained his aim to improve his knowledge in arthroscopy and sports medicine. He could work under the direct supervision of Dr. Yusuf Onur Kızılay and Dr. Kayhan Turan (Founder and owner of the TuranTuran Hospital).

He explained TuranTuran Hospital as a unique hospital with a dedicated orthopedic practice with sub-specialties; Trauma, Arthroplasty, Spine, pediatric orthopedics, Arthroscopy, and sports medicine with very advanced robotic surgery ın Spine and Knee replacement surgery.

We wish Dr. FRANCIS success with his valuable effort to take the best possible healthcare services and knowledge to Nigeria.