Why should I choose Turkey?

Prusa Medica is a company that offers health tourism in Turkey. There are many reasons why you should choose Turkey for your health services. Here are some of them:

  • Quality and affordable treatment: Turkey is known for its accredited hospitals, experienced doctors and modern medical equipment that offer health services at world standards. The cost of treatment in Turkey is much lower than similar treatments in Europe and America. Prusa Medica cooperates with hospitals that offer you the best price and quality guarantee. Turkey performs successful operations in many fields such as cardiac surgery, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, eye treatment, hair transplantation. Prusa Medica helps you find the best doctors and hospitals in these fields.
  • Rich culture and natural beauty: Turkey is a country famous for its historical, cultural and natural richness. When you come to Turkey, you can discover the magnificent view of Istanbul, the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, the travertines of Pamukkale, the turquoise sea of Antalya and more. Prusa Medica also helps you plan your holiday as well as your treatment. You can find different cultures, flavors and landscapes in every region of Turkey. Turkey’s gastronomy is also world-famous. You can taste the rich diversity of Turkish cuisine by trying the restaurants that Prusa Medica recommends to you.
  • Easy transportation and visa: Turkey is a country that can be reached by direct flights from many countries in the world. Turkish Airlines is the airline company that flies to 127 countries and 329 points worldwide. Also, there is an e-visa system for most countries that require a visa to enter Turkey. You can easily get your visa online with the e-visa system. Prusa Medica supports you in your transportation and visa procedures.

There are more reasons to choose Turkey for health tourism. You can contact Prusa Medica for detailed information. We are ready to offer you the best health service.