SMILE Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey


SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is one of the newest generation technologies for correction of eye’s vision. In Eye Surgeries which is applied with SMILE technology, the surgery procedure is performed with lazer (A non-blade surgical procedure). About 2-3 mm opening is created in the cornea and a certain amount of corneal tissue is removed to correct the patient’s vision. The recovery time is short, since the operation takes place in an area of keyhole size.

What are the features of SMILE?

  • Eye surgery with SMILE technology provides treatment in myopia up to -10 degrees, astigmatism up to -5 degrees.
  • Suitable for the sensitive thin layer of the cornea.
  • non-blade surgical procedure (Closed surgical application).
  • Applied in one stage.

Who May Have SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

  • SMILE Laser eye surgery is especially suitable for patients who cannot see far distance (myopia) and have blurred vision both far and near (astigmatism).
  • SMILE Laser can be used for patients who have been previously said to not have suitable features for LASIK (another laser method to treat refractive errors in the eye).
  • SMILE Laser application has less effect on the corneal nerves. Thus, SMILE Laser technology becomes a better option for those who complain about dry eyes.
  • SMILE Laser apllication is also ideal for athletes who have been hit and subjected to pressure. Thanks to SMILE, they can return to their sports life as soon as possible, as the recovery will be rapid.

Unfortunately, SMILE Laser Technology cannot be used to treat near sightedness (hyperopia or presbyopia).

Which steps does smile laser eye surgery consist of?

The application takes about 20 minutes. Your hospital stay is a total of 2 hours.

First of all, choose clothes that will keep you warm and comfortable. The laser can be cold because laser technology needs to keep the room at a constant cold.

Anesthetic eye medication are droped to numb your eyes, and if you have any concerns, a mild sedative is given by mouth to alleviate this. You need to wait a short time for your medicines to be effective. Following this, you will be taken to the laser application.

After lying on the treatment bed, the laser is moved to the right place so that your eye and laser beam are in the same direction.

Your surgeon fixes your eyelids to keep your eyes open. This allows you to ‘blink’ without really closing your eyelids

The bed is then raised up to the insertion point of the laser.

Your surgeon will tell you what’s going on, including when the process will start. You may feel a slight pressure in your eyes and see a bright light. Since your eyes are numb, you will not feel pain.

A computer-aided, high-focus laser creates a disc-shaped tissue inside the cornea. This tissue is removed from the 2-3 mm opening, there is no need to make an incision at this stage and your vision is corrected by changing the shape of the cornea.

The application takes only a few minutes. The eyelid stabilizer is then removed and, if necessary, the procedure is repeated in other eye.

Recovery Process

You will be in the recovery room for about half an hour after the operation. This allows you to adjust your eyes and get rid of the calming effects. A friend or relative must accompany you for the rest of the day.

You will be discharged with eye drops for use at home. The condition of your eyes is checked on the same day or the next day after surgery.

Patients usually experience a rapid recovery after SMILE application, as large incisions are not formed. Most people see it clearly the next day, but it usually takes a few weeks for your vision to stabilize.

Keep the water out of your eyes for a few days and be careful not to rub your eyes for a few weeks.

You can return to work and drive 2-3 days after the operation .

Approximately 10 Years Laser Application

SMILE was first performed about 10 years ago and more than 1 million eyes have been treated using SMILE. Worldwide, hundreds of surgeons and many ophthalmologists perform this laser eye surgery.


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Karamohba Sillah
Karamohba Sillah

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I recently had the privilege of experiencing the exceptional services of Prusa Medica, a health agency that coordinated my trip to Turam Turam Hospital in Bursa, Turkey, for a surgery. From the initial consultation to the post-operative follow-up, every aspect of my medical journey was meticulously organized and flawlessly executed, leaving me thoroughly impressed and grateful. One of the standout qualities of Prusa Medica was their commitment to transparency and clear communication...
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali

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My aunt had a knee replacement surgery on both her knees and we've seen an incredible progress eventhough it's only been 2 weeks. Doctor is amazing, hospitality is another level, nurses and all procedures are highly professional. As someone who has been to many big hospitals in Turkey, I must say this one is by far the best cause they're health-oriented as opposed to money oriented. Definitely recommend it to anyone especially for orthopedic surgery and physiotherapy.
Fatih Sahan
Fatih Sahan

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Getting a visa, airport pickup, comfortable travel, pre-operative examination, surgery, post-operative care, thermal hotel, and countless other services were provided. Throughout this process, they never left our side, not even for the shortest moment. I am very grateful to the Prusa Medica team and Op. Dr. Kayhan Turan; they left a profound impression on me. It was a pleasure to get to know you and work with you. I highly recommend them; they truly leave no question marks in your mind. They cleared away all the doubts I had