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Check Up is the most general name given to these programs, which enable people to lead a healthy life and take early precautions against all kinds of health problems, and to scans that can be applied to both women and men and in many cases offer the opportunity for early diagnosis of diseases.

After the general evaluations made on healthy individuals, all kinds of disorders that are present or have symptoms are determined beforehand. Check-up programs can also be done easily because they are completed in a short time.

Check-up prices, which is the number one screening method in the detection of the most important diseases of the period, vary according to the health center where the screening will be performed.

Check-up is a kind of early diagnosis system and provides in-depth scans of almost every part of the body. It is possible to increase the quality of life thanks to the applications that give a high success rate in the treatment.

Another purpose of Check is to make an early diagnosis against possible disease risks. It is also possible to take precautionary measures against diseases that may occur due to familial inherited disorders and the body’s exposure to external factors. Check prices vary according to the detail and nature of the test to be performed. For this reason, people should contact their health centers.