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Various disorders and diseases of the bones and joints can be treated or potentially healed, through high-quality orthopedic surgery. From a simple hairline fractures to life-threatenin accidents, this range of injuries is called orthopedic trauma. While there are different types of traumatic orthopedic injuries.

Prusa Medica is a Network in the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology, it consists of experienced faculty, experts and also it has an organization of world level with its sub-branches in general orthopedics, prostheses joints,  diseases of the spine, arthroscopic surgery, diseases of the foot , treatment of deformities and narrowing, treatment of congenital malformations, children's problems, treatment of tumors of the musculoskeletal system and sports injuries, treatment of neurogenic muscle and bone diseases.

If you experience any problems with your musculoskeletal system or any injury you may have; your optimum address will be Prusa Medica, Orthopedics and Traumatology Center's highly skilled team.

We can provide you with quality healthcare service and assure you that it is well-coordinated and operated by internationally recognized surgeons. Till now, about 1,000 surgeries have been successfully performed in the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology.


Sub Branches

• Robotic Surgery

• Sports Orthopedics

• Pediatric Orthopedics

• Arthroscopic Surgery

• Regenerative Orthopedics

• Hand and Wrist Surgery

• Joint Prosthesis Surgery

• Foot and Ankle Surgery

• Spinal Surgery


Sports Orthopedics

Sport is an activity very important for the body because it increases the organic resistance, maintains and improves the physiological ability of the systems. However, before starting the sport, if you don't get adequate preparation it can lead to injuries. The knee joint takes the first place with 32.9% in the areas which are more exposed to sportive trauma. Among the most injuries during sports after knee joint; we have ankle, shoulder joint, and hand... Emergency diagnosis and treatment of all sports injuries are carried out in the Department of Sports Orthopedics.


Pediatric Orthopedics

Children under 16 years old, they are also monitored and treated by our experienced orthopedists. These children who suffering from: Gait disorders, foot problems, congenital malformations, dysplasia, developmental hip dysplasia and spinal disorders.


Arthroscopic surgery

The method of Arthroscopy by visual examination of the joints using fiber-optic devices can enables the diagnosis, injuries and treatment of diseases that occur inside the joint. Arthroscopy is performed through a few small incisions in the skin and causes a very small scar and pain, but faster recovery is observed compared to open surgery. The operation takes about 1 hour and the patient after a few hours from the operation is discharged from the hospital. After the operation, the patient can walk and drive the car after 3 days. For the Arthroscopic surgeries, we have in our hospitals

  • Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair
  • Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair
  • Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Ankle Arthroscopic Surgery


Hand and Wrist Surgery

Vessels and nerves with a diameter of less than 1 mm can be operated with the microsurgical technique, using needles and threads that are difficult to see with eye. So; Organs such as broken hands, arms, feet and legs can be replaced and repair of very thin nerve fibers can make the attached limb feel and move again.

Best assessment of your problems like acute soft tissue trauma (tendon and nerve cuts, vascular, amputations and muscle tissue losses), hand and wrist pain, trigger finger, nerve compression, tennis elbow, ganglion cysts, diagnosis and treatment is done.


Reliable spine surgeries with O - ARM

Spinal diseases, which are frequently encountered in the society, restrict the mobility and decrease the life quality. The screwing method used for the disorders diagnosed in the spine, the part of the body that is exposed to the most load, increases the comfort of patients. For the spine surgeries, we have in our hospitals Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Kyphoplasty, Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery for Lumbar Hernia and Spinal Stenosis (Spinal Canal Narrowing).

The technique of O-ARM leaves no any errors in the spinal lift surgeries.

It is possible to apply computed tomography during any operation with the mobile tomography device, which is a new generation imaging system. With the help of this technology, 2D or 3D imaging can be performed in both brain and spine-spinal cord surgery. Imaging can be performed in 360° and 3D models in a short period of 13 seconds, and information about the relevant area of the patient on the operating table can be obtained.


Navio Robotic Assisted Knee Prosthesis Surgery

The NAVIO Surgical System is a robotic-assisted knee prosthesis surgical platform that creates a 3D model in vertical and horizontal planes by visualizing the anatomical structure of the knee with mathematical data, without the need for additional preoperative planning for partial and full knee prostheses surgeries. Knee prosthesis surgeries are carried out by making plans specific to the knee anatomy of the person.


Total knee prosthesis surgery (Total knee replacement surgery)

In total knee prosthesis surgery, the entire knee joint is replaced with prosthesis in compliance with the natural knee joint. Your surgeon creates a 3D representation of the unique anatomy of your knee without any need for a pre-surgery CT scanning, just like in the partial knee prosthesis surgery. Your surgeon uses the information about your knee anatomy to determine the correct size and position of the implant and places the implant according to the measurements.


Partial Knee Prosthesis surgery) (Partial knee replacement surgery

The robotic surgery of the partial knee prosthesis is a developed technology that allows the surgeon to design and apply the knee prosthesis suitable for the patient’s anatomy. It is the result between the combination of advanced medical technology and modern engineering branches. 

If the osteoarthritis is just in a part of the knee, so it is appropriate to apply a partial knee prosthesis in order to provide a feeling of more natural knee.


Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement

  • Category : Orthopedics
  • Hospitalization Duration : 1-2
  • Operation Duration : 1.5 Hours
  • Controls Days : 4.Day

Scoliosis Surgery

  • Category : Orthopedics
  • Hospitalization Duration : 0-7
  • Operation Duration : 0-4 Hours
  • Controls Days : 7.Day

Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Category : Orthopedics
  • Hospitalization Duration : 0-3
  • Operation Duration : 0-2 Hours
  • Controls Days : 7.Day

Bacteriophage Therapy

  • Category : Orthopedics
  • Hospitalization Duration : 7-30
  • Operation Duration : 0-0
  • Controls Days : 0-0

Pediatric Orthopedics

  • Category : Orthopedics
  • Hospitalization Duration : 1-10
  • Operation Duration : 0-0
  • Controls Days : 0-0

Knee Arthroscopy

  • Category : Orthopedics
  • Hospitalization Duration : 0-1
  • Operation Duration : 1 Hours
  • Controls Days : 5.Day
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