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Bursa, the City that is Good for You

Bursa, the City that is Good for You

History of Bursa

The oldest archaeological remains that have been found in Bursa until today are in Menteşe Mound near Yenişehir and Ilıpınar near Orhangazi.

Although it has been found that there are various settlements in Bursa and its vicinity since 4000 BC, the exact information about the region belongs to 700 BC. Homer referred to the region as Mysia. Today, two villages reminiscent of Mysia settlements in Bursa region are Misi and Misebolu.

The name Bursa comes from Prusias the King of Bithynia, who founded this city. Bithynians migrated to this region in the 7th century BC, and called it Bithynia.

King Prusias I, organized the establishment of the city of Prusias and Olympus in 185 BC. The name Prusias became Prusa and then Bursa.

Silk production started in the region in 555 AC and a small spa town was established thanks to natural hot water spas.

The Ottoman Principality, which was strengthened by the Anatolian Seljuk State's weakening and dispersal, also bought the lands of the surrounding tekfurs. Bursa was besieged by Osman Bey in 1307, and was taken by Osman Bey's son Orhan Bey on 6 April 1326 after a long siege. In 1335, the capital was moved to Bursa.

The Ottoman Period

While the city consisted only of the fortress, Orhan Gazi took the city out of the fortress and established the Orhan Gazi Complex. Public buildings such as mosques, Turkish baths, imaret houses, hospitals and madrasahs were built at the points close to the settlement, and residential areas were created around these complexes, thus the tradition of settlement began.

After Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul, the central role of Bursa ended and it lost its administrative duties.

Muslims, Greeks, Armenians and Jews lived together under the rule of the Ottoman State in Bursa until 1922.

At last, after the Turkish national struggle in 11 September 1922, the city has return peaceful daily life forever as like in nowadays.

 Bursa Hot Springs

The earliest information about Bursa hot springs is seen in Dion's speeches in 82. Bursa is one of the leading cities of the world in terms of hot springs with has 45 different thermal facilities is well known in terms of geothermal energy. Because of it has more than 10000 bed capacity is a reason for preference by the tourist over the world.

Properties of Bursa thermal water

With its valuable 40-100 degrees thermal waters Bursa provides accommodation chance in luxury hotel chains as an option.  

The most useful thermal waters in Bursa come out of the Uludağ region, and hot spring waters are also available in Gemlik, İnegöl, Orhangazi and Mustafakemalpaşa districts.

Thanks to the waters of Bursa hot springs, which have healed emperors and queens for centuries, has been a cure for patients, you can find healing for some of your ailments and purify your soul.

The most famous of the hot springs in the city center that can survive until today; The old hot spring (Armutlu) built by Sultan Murad I, the Kükürtlü hot spring built by Sultan Bayezid I, the New Hot Spring built by the Grand Vezir of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Rüstem Pasha and the Kara Mustafa Pasha Hot Springs built by Kara Mustafa Pasha. The hot springs located in the distance of the center are Oylat Hot Springs in İnegöl, Tümbüldek Hot Spring in Akarca village of Mustafakemalpaşa, Terme Hot Spring around Umurbey village in Gemlik; it is the Ağhishisar and Sadağ Hot Springs in Orhaneli.Şifalı

Which diseases are Bursa waters good for?

Bursa hot springs appear as an alternative method in the treatment of tens of diseases. People come to Bursa with the advice of their doctors and want the best treatment to be applied to their diseases. The facilities respond in the most correct way in line with these demands.

Diseases that Bursa hot springs are good for:

  • Respiratory diseases,
  • Nervous system diseases
  • Joint disorder, 
  • Muscle rheumatism,
  • Gout,
  • Obesity,
  • Women's diseases,
  • Kidney and gallbladder diseases,
  • Dermatologic diseases,
  • Stomach and urinary tract and liver diseases,

Live in Bursa

Bursa has become one of the important cities of health tourism due to the ease of transportation and accommodation options. At the same time, it was an ancient capital city of the Ottoman, which become the city should be visited by the tourists.

Places to visit in Bursa;

• Koza Han,                                      • Ulu Camii,

• Yeşil Türbe,                                   • Çekirge,

• Emirsultan Türbe ve Camii,       • Reşat Oyal Parkı,

• Botanik Park,                               • Mudanya,

• Tirilye,                                           • Uludağ,

• Gemlik,                                         • İznik,

• Cumalıkızık,                                 • Kapalıçarşı vb.

In summary; Bursa is a city that fascinates you with its historical and touristic texture, is good for your body and mental health with its healing waters and thus gives you unforgettable memories.

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